The Best Yoga Poses for Gas Pain Relief

Struggling with gas pain? You’re not alone. Yoga can help to relieve the discomfort and restore balance in your body. Discover the best poses to ease your pain and feel better fast.

Quick facts: Best Yoga Poses For Gas Pain

  • ✅ The practice of Sitting Twist Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana) can help to reduce gas and improve the digestive system (Yoga Journal).
  • ✅ The Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana) can be beneficial for reducing gas, as it helps to massage the abdominal area and improve circulation (Yoga International).
  • ✅ The Corpse Pose (Savasana) is a great way to relax the digestive system and reduce gas (YogaOutlet).
  • ✅ The practice of Wind-Relieving Pose (Pawanmuktasana) can help to reduce gas, alleviate constipation and improve digestion (DoYouYoga).
  • ✅ The practice of Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana) can help to decrease the symptoms of bloating and gas (Yoga International).
  • Introduction

    Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that can help to relieve gas pain by helping to reduce stress, tension, and resistance in the body. It can help to improve posture, reduce inflammation and increase flexibility.

    The poses in this article have been specifically chosen for their ability to massage the digestive tract, relieving pressure and helping to move trapped air through the system. These poses may also help to calm the mind and promote relaxation, which can have an overall calming effect on the whole body. Although yoga poses may not be able to entirely cure gas pain, they can be beneficial in terms of providing temporary relief when needed.

    Benefits of Yoga for Gas Pain Relief

    Yoga is a great way to help relieve gas pain, as it helps to target the digestive muscles and organs that may be causing the discomfort. It can also provide physical and mental benefits, such as improved posture, deeper breathing, and lower stress levels.

    In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best yoga poses to help alleviate gas pain:

    Improved Digestion

    Yoga poses that involve forward bending and twisting can be beneficial for relieving gas pain. These poses help to stimulate the digestive tract, encouraging better digestion and elimination from the body.

    One of the best yoga poses for relieving gas is the Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana), which helps to massage and stimulate the abdominal organs, aiding in digestion and reducing bloating and discomfort. Another great pose is the Reclined Twist, which stretches out cramped muscles in the abdomen, relieves gas pressure, and stimulates digestion.

    Practicing these poses regularly can help to relieve gas pain and reduce symptoms of indigestion.

    Reduced Stress

    Reduced stress is one of the beneficial effects of yoga for gas pain relief. Stress can contribute to increased tension in the abdominal area, which can worsen feelings of discomfort caused by trapped gas. Practicing relaxation techniques and deep breathing while performing gentle yoga poses can help reduce stress levels and ultimately lead to relief from trapped gas.

    Additionally, studies have found that regular meditation and relaxation practices help reduce overall stress on the body, allowing for more energy to be channeled into aiding digestion, healing, and calming the nervous system. This reduction in stress levels helps reduce any associated tension or spasms that may occur in the abdomen or digestive system during episodes of gas pain.

    Improved Circulation

    Practicing yoga can help improve circulation throughout the body. Improved circulation can help reduce gas and pain in the abdomen, allowing the body and mind to relax.

    Many postures incorporated into a yoga session focus on abdominal twists, which helps to stimulate digestion by squeezing out gas and encouraging better nutrient absorption. Additionally, poses that involve bending over forward or backward can help reduce bloating by stretching out and decompressing the abdominal muscles.

    Inversions such as shoulder stand or headstand can be beneficial for those experiencing gas pains due to restricted blood flow in the digestive area; these poses allow for more movement of fluid throughout the abdomen which helps ease discomfort.

    Other poses like lunges, squats, forward bends, and side stretches can also help improve circulation while providing relief from gas pain.

    Postures to Try

    Yoga has been proven to be a great form of exercise for many different ailments, including gas pain relief. Practicing yoga can help your digestive system function better and reduce uncomfortable gas pains.

    Here are some postures to try for gas pain relief:

    Child’s Pose

    Child’s Pose, or Balasana in Sanskrit, is a great pose for relieving gas pain. This pose can be done by kneeling on a yoga mat and then sitting back on your heels. Once in this position, slowly bring your nose to the mat, relaxing the whole upper body so that your forehead rests against the mat. Let your arms either rest alongside your body with the palms facing upward or reach forward over your head with the palms facing down.

    You should remain in this position for up to five minutes—focusing on deep inhalation and exhalation—to ensure optimal gas relief. This pose is beneficial because it stretches out the lower back which helps to massage and relax internal organs such as the intestine that may be experiencing discomfort due to excess gas buildup.

    Cat-Cow Pose

    The Cat-Cow Pose, also known as the Marjariasana-Bitilasana in Sanskrit, is a gentle two-part movement that is often done as part of a basic yoga warm up routine. It helps to loosen up the spine and back muscles, creating a sense of full body relaxation. It can also be used for those who suffer from lower back and abdominal pain due to gas buildup.

    To begin the pose, start in an all fours position on the ground with your wrists aligned directly below your shoulders and your knees below your hips. Your back should be parallel to the ground; keep your core engaged while keeping your neck relaxed as you look straight down at the floor or mat. When you inhale deeply, arch your back like a cat—letting your stomach sink towards the floor—and when you exhale focus on rounding out through both sides of your spine like a cow, tucking in the tailbone towards your heels.

    As you practice this pose regularly it will help to relieve built up gas in both the abdominal cavity and intestines due to its gentle massage action within these areas.

    Seated Forward Fold

    Seated Forward Fold, also called Upavistha Konasana in Sanskrit, is a gentle pose that can help relieve gas pain and other digestive issues. It stretches the spine, abdomen, and inner thigh muscles which helps reduce tension in these areas that cause discomfort during certain conditions. It also opens up the chest which relaxes breathing and reduces stress that may lead to digestive issues.

    To begin this pose, sit with your legs spread wide apart and your feet flexed. Reach forward with an inhalation and bring your torso over your legs with an exhalation until you feel a comfortable stretch in your spine and abdomen. Try to keep the tops of your shoulders relaxed and press out through the heels to keep any tension out of the legs muscles. Hold this position for five deep breaths before returning to a seated position with an exhale.

    With Seated Forward Fold, you’ll find relief from painful gas pressure as well as improved digestion for greater well-being overall.

    Reclined Pigeon Pose

    Reclined Pigeon Pose is a great yoga pose for relieving gas pain. To get into the pose, lay down on your back and bring both knees up towards your chest, with feet flat on the ground. Slowly lower one leg out and away from you, so that the ankle of that foot is resting on the top of the opposite thigh. With your hands, guide both legs down to their respective hips. Make sure to keep your back flat against the floor and avoid arching it away from you.

    This pose allows for deep stretching of the buttocks, hip flexors and piriformis muscles which can help relieve tension in those areas. Hold this pose for 5 minutes with steady breathing for best results. Stick with Reclined Pigeon Pose if you are looking for relief from gas pain and discomfort!

    Wind-Relieving Pose

    The Wind-Relieving Pose, or Pavanamuktasana in Sanskrit, is a yoga postures famed for releasing gas and relieving gas pain. It is a reclined twist, meaning you’re laying on your back while bringing one knee up to your chest, and then the other. Wind-Relieving Pose provides gentle pressure to your lower abdominal organs—including the small intestine—and helps free any built-up gases that may be causing discomfort.

    To get into position start by laying on your back with both of your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Inhale deeply as you bring one knee up towards your chest and use both hands to grab hold of that knee. Exhale as you extend through the opposite leg, keeping it engaged along with the core muscles. Stay in this pose for about 10–15 breaths. Alternatively, you can keep alternating the legs with each breath if it feels more comfortable for you. To come out of this pose slowly release both legs down flat onto the ground with an inhale and draw them in towards each other as much as possible before releasing completely.


    The right yoga poses can significantly reduce the amount of pain you experience from gas and help to speed up the digestion process. Mountain pose, supported child’s pose and reclining twist are just some of the best yoga poses for gas pain relief. No matter which pose you choose, make sure to practice it with conscious breathing and connect to your deeper awareness.

    By combining mindful breathing with specific poses, you will be able to reduce your overall discomfort from gas and improve your digestive health. Remember to always listen to your body and work within what feels comfortable for you. You may need to modify certain poses or take additional breaks throughout your practice in order for it to be effective in relieving your pain from gas.

    FAQs about: Best Yoga Poses For Gas Pain

    Q1: What are the best yoga poses for gas pain?
    A1: Cat-Cow pose, Child’s pose, and Seated Forward Fold are all effective yoga poses for relieving gas pain.

    Q2: How often should I do these poses?
    A2: It is recommended to practice these poses daily to help reduce the symptoms of gas pain.

    Q3: Should I talk to a doctor before doing yoga for gas pain?
    A3: Yes, it is recommended to speak with a doctor before beginning any yoga practice for gas pain.

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