The Best Yoga Poses for an Energy Boost

Feeling burnt out? If you’re looking to increase your stamina and feel energized, try these yoga poses! You can feel physically and mentally refreshed with just a few simple stretches.

Quick facts: Best Yoga Poses For Energy

  • ✅ Standing Forward Bend (or Uttanasana) is an effective pose for generating energy and relieving fatigue. (Source: Yoga Outlet)
  • ✅ Chair Pose (or Utkatasana) increases energy levels and improves concentration. (Source: Yoga Journal)
  • ✅ Warrior I (or Virabhadrasana I) helps to build strength, balance, and energy. (Source: Yoga Basics)
  • ✅ Sun Salutation (or Surya Namaskar) is a sequence of 12 graceful poses that increases energy levels and flexibility. (Source: Yoga Basics)
  • ✅ Tree Pose (or Vriksasana) helps to develop focus and balance, increasing energy levels and concentration. (Source: Yoga Journal)

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Yoga is an ancient practice that focuses on stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques. It can help to improve physical and mental wellbeing and is known to increase energy levels as well. There are many different types of yoga poses. Each pose has its own unique benefits, such as improved flexibility and strength.

However, some poses are specifically designed to give you an energy boost. In this article, we’ll share some of the best yoga poses for an energy boost! These poses can help to reduce stress levels, improve circulation and give you the motivation you need for the day ahead. So if you’re feeling tired or low on energy, try adding these yoga poses into your daily routine to get your energy levels up!

  • Best yoga poses for an energy boost:

Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskar, is a traditional yoga pose that has been used for centuries to increase energy and vitality. This pose consists of a series of 12 postures which flow into each other, starting and ending with the standing posture. Sun Salutation is an excellent way to rejuvenate your body and mind and get an energy boost.

Let’s look at how to correctly perform this pose:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) are a classic sequence of poses that increase flexibility, strength, and energy. To begin the sequence stand in Mountain Pose with your feet together. Inhale and raise your arms over your head in a gesture of openness, while pressing your palms together. As you exhale, bend forward from the hips and reach down toward the ground with your hands (or look down at your toes).

Inhaling again, step back into Plank Pose. Exhale as you lower into Chaturanga (a low push-up position). Inhale as you flow into Upward Facing Dog. Exhaling again press back to Plank pose. Inhale one more time before coming back to stand in Mountain Pose with an openhearted gesture at the top of Sun Salutation A.

Repeat this sequence for 5-10 rounds for best results!


The Sun Salutation is one of the best yoga poses for an energy boost. It increases metabolism and stimulation of energy production in the body. Not only does it work with physical strength and power, but it can also help to cultivate mental clarity, focus and mindfulness.

Sun Salutations also promote healthy circulation throughout the body, providing a steady flow of nutrients to your cells and organs.

In addition to its energizing benefits, the Sun Salutation sequence can improve balance and mobility while strengthening your core muscles. It can be used as part of a regular yoga practice or as a stand-alone exercise session—the perks are plentiful! As you move through each pose, take deep breaths in an effort to quiet your mind, clear any stress or distractions, and finish feeling rejuvenated.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose, or Vrksasana, is a great yoga pose for beginners and experienced yogis alike. It is a balancing pose that helps to promote energy, focus, and clarity. It also helps to build strength and flexibility in the ankles and legs, as well as opening up the hips.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Tree Pose:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Tree Pose is a yoga pose that promotes balance, stability and peacefulness. To begin Tree Pose, stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms by your sides. Shift your weight onto one foot, keeping the sole of that foot firmly planted on the ground. Lift your other foot and place the bottom of it on the opposite inner thigh or calf muscle. Place both hands together in front of your heart in prayer position.

Once you have all four points of contact – standing foot, lifted foot, hands – aligned as best you can, become aware of your breath and deepen into each inhale and exhale. Find balance in grounding through the standing foot while simultaneously pressing up through the lifted leg – creating an equal force between both sides of the body. Remain steady in Tree Pose for 3-5 breaths before slowly lowering down to release. For extra stability, try placing one hand on a wall or chair back while finding balance in Tree Pose.


Tree Pose is a classic yoga posture that offers many benefits to the body and helps restore energy levels. The pose encourages strength and balance, improves spine alignment, and helps boost circulation in the body. Additionally, Tree Pose is an excellent posture for stretching the lower back and hips, opening up the chest and shoulders, increasing lung capacity, and calming the mind.

Practicing Tree Pose of regular basis can help persons relieve stress, cultivate emotional stability, improve concentration and coordination as well as uplift their spirit. Finally, Tree Pose helps bring more awareness to one’s body and promotes a sense of inner peace as they take time to breathe deeply while practicing this pose.

Cat/Cow Pose

Cat/Cow pose is an excellent yoga pose for energizing the body and mind, and this pose can be done at any level of experience. It involves a movement between a backbend and a forward bend, which stretches the spine, relaxes the back muscles, and increases flexibility. It also increases circulation to the abdominal organs, which helps boost energy levels.

Let’s explore how to do the Cat/Cow pose in detail.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Cat/Cow Pose, also known as Marjariasana and Bitilasana, is an energizing pose that helps to open the hips and spine while stimulating the nervous system. It’s a great way to warm up the body before beginning a yoga practice.

To begin, come down on all fours with your hands and knees on the floor. Spread your fingers wide and press into all of your finger pads. Make sure to keep your wrists below your shoulders, lengthen through your spine, tuck in the toes, and relax your neck.

On an inhale, arch your back while lifting up the chest. Lift up through the tailbone to help create a deep backbend. This is cow pose (Bitilasana). Then on an exhale, round the spine towards the ceiling while dropping both of your shoulder blades towards each other. This is cat pose (Marjariasana). Alternate between cow pose and cat pose with each breath for 10-20 breaths total before resting in child’s pose.


The Cat/Cow pose is a great yoga pose to do when you’re feeling sluggish or need an energy boost. This gentle back-arching and shoulder-opening stretch helps oxygenate the body, increase energy levels, and reduce stress. This movement also helps improve spinal flexibility and aids digestion.

Cat/Cow also relieves tension in the neck, shoulder, chest, abdomen, low back, pelvis, and hips. This pose can be used to massage the spine and organs by allowing gentle movements in various directions with each breath. The alternating contractions of the upper-middle back muscles while transitioning between Cat Pose to Cow Pose will help build strength over time. Practicing this asana regularly can help combat fatigue and leave you feeling energized.

Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend is a restorative posture in yoga that can help to relax and rejuvenate the body. This pose can help to boost energy levels as it promotes proper circulation and helps to reduce tension in the body. It can also help to stretch the hamstrings and stimulate the liver and kidneys.

With these benefits in mind, let’s learn more about Standing Forward Bend.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Standing Forward Bend, also known as Uttanasana, is a standing forward-bending asana in modern yoga. While in the pose, the torso is mostly parallel to the floor while arms reach down to grab feet or shins. This pose provides an energy boost because it helps to stimulate the nervous system, enhance circulation, and increase concentration.

Start the pose by standing with feet hip-width apart. Take a deep inhalation and proceed into an exhale as you lean forward at your hips. As you lean forward allow your arms to reach downward towards your feet/shins or blocks placed on the ground for support if needed. To intensify this pose bend your knees slightly and press hips back as much as possible; eventually placing palms flat onto the ground with arms fully extended (allowing a deeper stretch). Hold in this position for 10-15 breaths then inhale deeply as you come back up to stand tall allowing for any tension within the body to unravel. Allow yourself to take one more deep exhale before proceeding on with other poses in your practice.


The Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana is an excellent yoga pose for people seeking an energetic boost. It helps to create circulation and flexibility in the legs, spine, and hamstrings while stimulating the nervous system and improving digestion. The pose also revitalizes the body after sitting for long periods of time or inactivity.

As you come into the posture, it’s important to keep the hips over the heels while pressing down through the feet into the ground. When you come into a full forward fold, your torso should be parallel to your legs with your spine as straight as possible. The Standing Forward Bend can bring an overall feeling of energy to your body that can last throughout day-to-day activities.

Downward Dog

Downward dog is one of the most popular and versatile yoga poses. This pose increases flexibility and strengthens the spine, arms, and legs. It also stimulates circulation, which can help promote energy and mental focus. Downward dog can be modified for beginners or those with physical limitations.

Let’s explore further how to do this pose and its benefits:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions for Downward Dog is an energizing pose that can be practised at any level of experience and ability. Start on all fours, with hands directly under the shoulders, and knees in line with the hips. Lift your knees away from the floor and push up into an inverted ‘V’ shape, pressing your tailbone towards the ceiling and pressing your fingertips firmly into the ground. Your feet should be hip-width apart, and your shoulders should be drawn back away from your ears.

Hold this pose for 5–10 deep breaths, keeping your core engaged to help create a stable base. Work towards lengthening each inhale and exhale, while maintaining a focus on breathing deeply into the back body and expanding outward through the chest.

To come out of the pose,

  • Bring both knees down to the ground
  • Return to all fours.


The Downward Dog yoga pose offers some amazing benefits that can help improve physical and mental well-being.

Physically, the pose helps to strengthen and stretch the entire body including the muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen, back and shoulders. It also increases energy levels by improving circulation and providing a gentle massage for the internal organs. Physically this pose helps to improve posture and reduce fatigue.

The mental benefits associated with Downward Dog are just as impressive! Practicing this pose can help to calm the mind, reduce stress levels, promote better sleep patterns and increase concentration. With mindful breathing during this pose, it is also possible to achieve greater clarity of mind so that it is easier to make decisions or stay focused on a task for longer periods of time.

Warrior II

Warrior II is an energising yoga pose that increases your strength and stamina. It helps to open your hips, chest, and shoulders while strengthening your core. This pose also helps to improve your concentration as it requires you to stay in one position for an extended period of time.

Let’s learn more about the Warrior II pose and how it can help to give you an energy boost.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Warrior II is a popular and powerful yoga pose used to transition from one posture to another and increase focus and energy throughout the body. To start, begin standing in Mountain Pose with your feet hip-width apart. Take a deep breath in, then turn your right foot outward so the toes point to the side of the mat. Align your back heel with the arch of your left foot, ensuring that both legs are bent at a 90-degree angle.

On an inhale, raise your arms parallel to the ground and stretch them wide open. Your biceps should be by your ears and palms facing down towards the floor (or up towards the ceiling if you prefer). Then, exhale as you draw your navel toward your spine to engage your abdominal muscles and hold for 3-5 breaths.

To come out of this pose, inhale as you bring both arms back down by their sides while stretching forward through both legs. On an exhale step back into Mountain Pose with feet together or take a vinyasa flow before transitioning into another pose or sequence!


The Warrior II pose (Virabhadrasana II) is an energizing standing posture found in almost all yoga classes. This popular pose strengthens the legs, opens the hips, and increases body awareness and balance.

Physically, Warrior II helps tone the thighs and abdomen while stretching out the chest and shoulders, providing a full-body workout while also calming the mind.

In addition to toning muscles and increasing flexibility, Warrior II helps to increase energy levels by bringing fresh oxygenated blood throughout the body and stimulating circulation. Stimulating prana (or life force) throughout the body not only helps to increase energy but also encourages physical healing. The focus required for proper alignment of this pose can help to relax mental stress and stimulate concentration. Prolonged practice of Warrior II helps to build stamina, strength, and courage both on your mat and in your life!


The best yoga poses for an energy boost are those that cultivate positive emotions and relaxation, as well as energize the body. A few of the best poses for this purpose include:

  • Mountain pose (Tadasana)
  • Standing forward fold (Uttanasana)
  • Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  • Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)
  • Child’s pose (Balasana)

These poses can be done alone or together in a sequence to help promote energy levels. While this is not a complete list of energizing yoga poses, these five poses focus on areas of tension that can help maximize energy production. Additionally, setting an intention before beginning practice can help provide clarity and focus while also aiming to create healthier patterns of behavior and sense of self-care.

FAQs about: Best Yoga Poses For Energy

Q: What are the best yoga poses for energy?

A: The best yoga poses for energy are the Sun Salutation, Warrior I and II poses, Triangle Pose, and Corpse Pose.

Q: How often should I practice yoga for energy?

A: You should practice yoga for energy at least three times a week in order to maximize the effects.

Q: Are there any specific benefits of practicing yoga for energy?

A: Practicing yoga for energy can help improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your strength and flexibility.

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