The Best Workout for Women’s Abs

Do you want the perfect six-pack? Women’s abs require a specially tailored workout to get results. You can achieve your ideal shape with these expert-recommended exercises.

Quick facts: Best Workout For Women Abs

  • ✅ Doing planks with a stability ball is the best exercise for women to strengthen their abs, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE).
  • ✅ Among ab exercises, crunches are the most popular form of exercise, according to the ACE.
  • ✅ The plank is the most effective ab exercise for women, as it works both the upper and lower abs, according to the ACE.
  • ✅ Planking is an effective way to strengthen and tone all of the muscles in the abdominal area, according to the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).
  • ✅ Working out a woman’s abdomen helps them to maintain a healthy posture and support the spine, according to the ISSA.
  • Introduction

    Having a strong, toned core is essential for both overall health and aesthetic appeal. Women’s abs are no exception! When searching for the best workout for women’s abs, it is important to consider the different muscles that make up this part of the body, as well as what type of exercises will help target them. Achieving a sculpted midsection requires more than just crunches or sit ups; to achieve a symmetrical and balanced abdomen, you should look into combining several exercises that specifically target the front and back of your core muscles.

    In this article, we will discuss which types of exercises are best for targeting your front abdominals and back extensors, as well as the different types of workouts you can do in order to get stronger abs:


    A warm-up is a crucial part of any effective workout, and this is especially true when it comes to targeting the abs. A proper warm-up will get your body ready to work, warm up the muscles and prevent injuries. Furthermore, it can help you to perform better and achieve better results.

    Let’s look at the best warm-up exercises for targeting the abs:

    Foam Rolling

    Foam Rolling is a popular warm-up exercise for women’s abs. This method helps to loosen tight muscles and improve mobility before exercise, which can help reduce the risk of injury from strenuous core exercises.

    After a few minutes of foam rolling, the muscles become more pliable, allowing for easier stretching and more dynamic movements during your workout. Foam rollers are available in various densities and can be used to target specific muscle groups or larger areas like the back or stomach.

    Women’s ab workouts often begin with foam rolling as it helps prepare the body prior to training intense core exercises such as planks, burpees, and mountain climbers. As an added bonus, foam rolling also releases toxins that accumulate in our muscles while promoting better circulation.

    Dynamic Stretching

    Dynamic stretching is an important warm-up for any routine, especially for women who are looking to target their abs. Dynamic stretching is a form of flexibility exercise that involves active movement rather than passive stretches and poses held in one place. Dynamic stretching increases range of motion while the muscles are actively challenged throughout the full range of the motion. Examples include lunges with twists, walking high knees, and cross-body arm swings.

    Dynamic stretches are important because they help prepare your body for activity by decreasing risk of injury and increasing performance during exercise. They also help increase your core temperature—making it easier to get your workout going—as well as improve coordination, balance, and posture. By incorporating dynamic stretches into your warm-up routine you can give yourself the best opportunity to get the most out of your abs workout.

    Core Exercises

    Core exercises are essential for anyone looking to build a strong and stable core. Core exercises target the deep abdominal muscles and help strengthen the muscles that support the spine, improving posture, balance and stability. Core exercises can also help relieve back pain and improve the overall appearance of the abdomen.

    Let’s take a look at the best core exercises for strengthening women’s abs:


    Plank exercises are one of the core exercises that can help to improve abdominal strength and stability, as well as overall body posture. Plank exercises target the muscles in your abdomen, back and shoulders, which in turn helps to support your spine and improve muscle endurance.

    To do a plank exercise, start by lying face down with your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Slowly raise your entire body off the ground by extending through your arms, keeping your legs outstretched and contracting your abdominal muscles. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds before releasing and lowering back down to the ground.

    Advanced variations of plank include:

    • Side planks (holding a single-leg hold on either side of the body)
    • Knee tucks (pulling your knees upward towards the chest).

    Doing these plank exercises can help improve core strength and stability, allowing you to perform more advanced exercises with greater ease.

    Bicycle Crunches

    Bicycle crunches are one of the core exercises that target the rectus abdominis, obliques and transverse abdominis. This exercise can be done standing or lying down and can help to develop strength, stability and tone the midsection.

    The bicycle crunch starts with the back lying flat on a floor mat. Make sure to keep your head supported by a soft pillow or towel for additional comfort. Place your hands behind your head, elbows bent. Bring your legs up, bending them at the knee so that your calves are parallel to the floor. Keeping your lower back pressed into the floor, simultaneously pull one elbow towards its opposite knee while extending the other leg out straight in front of you as you twist through your waistline.

    Alternating legs each time (as if you were riding a bicycle), continue this movement for 8-10 repetitions per side for 2-3 sets total.

    Mountain Climbers

    Mountain climbers are one of the best exercises for targeting the core muscles. This exercise is done by placing your hands and toes on the floor in a push-up position and then alternating between driving your knee to your chest (while maintaining a plank position) with one leg and then switching to the other leg. This exercise activates multiple muscle groups including the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack” muscles), obliques, transverse abdominis, erector spinae, gluteals, hip flexors, and quadriceps.

    It also improves coordination, balance, core strength, stability, agility and muscular endurance. Mountain climbers can be done as part of a HIIT circuit or part of an ab workout. For best results perform mountain climbers with proper form and strive to maintain a tight core while alternating legs quickly.

    Reverse Crunches

    Reverse crunches are a great exercise for targeting the lower abdominal muscles and toning the abdominal area. To do a reverse crunch, begin by lying flat on your back with your arms outstretched at your sides. Bring your knees together up towards your chest as you squeeze with your abs, then lower them back to the starting position while keeping tension in the abdominal muscles.

    Reverse crunches are an effective exercise for improving core strength and stability and building strong abs. Additionally, reverse crunches involve movement of both the upper and lower body which can help improve balance, coordination, and agility. Try adding this exercise to your regular workout routine two or three times a week for best results!


    Finishers are great for targeting your abs and getting the best results in a short amount of time. Finishers involve completing a series of exercises back-to-back, quickly, and with minimal rest.

    In this article, we will look at some of the best finisher exercises for targeting your abs as a woman:

    Russian Twists

    Russian Twists are an essential finisher move to help women target their abs. This classic exercise promotes balance and stability thanks to the rotational component. Begin sitting with your feet off the floor, knees bent, and lean back at a 45-degree angle. From here, twist your torso from side to side while keeping your core tight. To make this move even more challenging, you can add a medicine ball or dumbbell that you pass from one hand to the other as you twist.

    In addition to having strong abs, Russian Twists help build better posture and improve spinal health. This is a great move for targeting those hard-to-reach oblique muscles around your waist too! When completed correctly and consistently, Russian Twists are sure to give you a toned set of abs in no time.

    High Knees

    High knees is a cardiovascular exercise that can be used as part of a healthy ab workout for women.

    To perform high knees, begin by standing upright and place your hands on your hips. Take a step forward with one foot while bringing the opposite knee up to waist-height and striking it with your hand. Return that foot to the ground and repeat this action with the other foot, alternating sides quickly with each repetition. While performing high knees, keep your chest open and chin lifted throughout the exercise.

    This exercise will help strengthen your core muscles while also improving cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and coordination—all of which are essential components of having a strong body! Additionally, high-knees can help build stamina in preparation for more intense forms of exercise like HIIT or CrossFit.


    The cool-down phase of your abs workout is just as important as the warm-up. It’s important to do cool-down exercises to reduce your heart rate and ease your muscles back into their resting state. This helps reduce the risk of muscle strain or soreness. It also helps promote circulation, which can help with recovery.

    Let’s take a look at some cool-down exercises for women’s abs:

    Static Stretching

    Static stretching is an important component of any cool-down routine, especially for women’s abs. Static stretching helps relax muscles and restore them to their original length, preventing injury and the buildup of lactic acid. During a static stretch, you’ll hold a single position without bouncing or forcing the stretch further. This type of stretching allows the muscle fibers to relax and increase their ability to produce force in future workouts.

    When performing a static stretch for your abdominal muscles, you’ll want to focus on holding the position for 30-60 seconds at a time with an emphasis on deep breathing throughout the exercise. It’s important to remain aware of tension in your muscles and ease into any stretch slowly – if you feel pain or discomfort when stretching, stop immediately! Aim for a total of 2-3 sets per session for your cool-down routine.

    Foam Rolling

    Foam rolling is an important part of any workout, especially for women aiming to tone their abs. Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release (SMR) designed to target areas of tension and spasm in the muscles and fascia. Doing this can reduce pain and tension, improve flexibility and posture, as well as making your workout more efficient.

    To foam roll your abs, lie face up on a foam roller and roll from side to side in order to target both sides of the abdomen. You should move slowly and make sure to pause on any tender spots; these are areas that require extra attention. You can also use a smaller size roller or ball for padding as you apply pressure on certain points.

    Foam rolling is thought to help increase blood flow and break down scar tissue while promoting relaxation – both incredibly important post-workout activities!

    FAQs about: Best Workout For Women Abs

    Q: What is the best workout for women to build abs?

    A: The best workout for women to build abs is a combination of cardio exercises and ab exercises. Cardio exercises such as running, swimming, cycling and rowing help to burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness. Ab exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, planks and Russian twists can help to strengthen and develop the abdominal muscles.

    Q: How often should I work out to get abs?

    A: To get the best results when working out for abs, it is important to work out at least 3-4 times a week. This should include both cardio and ab exercises, and each workout should last for at least 30 minutes.

    Q: What other exercises can I do to get abs?

    A: In addition to cardio and ab exercises, there are a number of other exercises that can help to develop strong and defined abs. Examples of these exercises include leg lifts, mountain climbers, side planks, and oblique crunches.

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