The Best Workout for Lower Abs

Are you looking to build lower ab strength and shape? Look no further! This article will provide you with the best workout for targeting your lower abs. You’ll be surprised to see the amazing results in no time.

Quick facts: Best Workout For Lower Abs

  • ✅ Plank exercises such as side planks and full planks are one of the most effective exercises for lower abs. (American Council on Exercise)
  • ✅ Hanging leg raises can help to target and strengthen the lower abs. (Harvard Health)
  • ✅ Exercises such as bicycle crunches and dead bugs are both effective for targeting the lower abs. (Men’s Health)
  • ✅ Incorporating core stabilization exercises such as planks and bridges can help to strengthen the lower abs. (Mayo Clinic)
  • ✅ Adding exercises such as mountain climbers or burpees can help to build a stronger core. (Shape Magazine)
  • Introduction

    Developing strong lower abdominal muscles is key to achieving a toned and sculpted physique. Not only do they help with improving posture, but they also aid the body when performing core-intensive activities such as running and jumping. Knowing the best exercises to target the lower abs is essential.

    In this article, we will discuss the best workout for lower abs:

    Benefits of targeting lower abs

    Targeting the lower abs can provide numerous benefits to overall health and fitness. These muscles, located in the abdominal region, play a key role in core stability, mobility and strength. Strengthening this area can help alleviate lower back pain while also improving posture. Additionally, targeting the lower abs helps build a stronger core foundation for other exercises, such as running or weight lifting.

    The best way to target the lower abs is to focus on isolation exercises that heavily engage these muscles. This can include leg lifts, crunches and Russian twists as well as more advanced moves like hanging leg raises and mountain climbers. Additionally, incorporating compound movements such as squats and deadlifts can help work other parts of the core leading to a more balanced and comprehensive workout for your abdominals.


    Warm-up is an essential step before any workout and it is important to perform a few exercises before diving into a targeted ab workout. It is best to start with some dynamic stretches to warm up the muscles and get them ready for the workout. Doing so will help reduce the risk of injury during the workout and ensure that the lower abs area gets a full and effective workout.

    Stretching exercises

    Stretching exercises can be a great warm-up to help prevent injury during a rigorous abdominal workout. Dynamic stretching moves are ideal for prepping the body before exercise, as they help to loosen up tight muscles and improve range of motion.

    One example is standing lateral side stretches that target the obliques, which help to engage the abdominal muscles in isolation and with under-pressure exercise movements. Hip raises are another popular warm-up move for lower abs that involve lying on your back and slowly lifting your hips up towards the ceiling. This move not only gets your body warmed up and ready for more challenging ab movements, but it also helps address issues with posture that can cause pain in your lower abs.

    Other recommended stretching exercises include:

    • Toe touches
    • Knee twists
    • Lunges
    • Wall squats

    Dynamic warm-up

    Dynamic warm-up exercises are designed to prepare the body for physical activity. These exercises improve flexibility, mobility, and range of motion which can help prevent injury. Dynamic warm-ups involve movement and can mimic the activities you plan to perform during your workout.

    The dynamic warm-up before lower abs exercises should focus on activating muscle groups that are used in the movements you plan to do. This can include:

    • Side steps
    • Leg swings
    • Bodyweight squats
    • Lunges

    To ensure that your muscles are ready to perform and your joints are ready for movement, take some time before your lower abs workout to do a dynamic warm-up. Doing so will help reduce muscular soreness after exercise as well as increase performance during exercise.

    Core Exercises

    Core exercises are a great way to strengthen your lower abdominal muscles. There are a wide range of core exercises that you can do to target the lower abdominal region, including planks, crunches, reverse crunches, leg lifts, and more.

    Let’s have a look at some of the best core workouts for the lower abs:


    The Plank is one of the best core exercises to target the lower abs. A plank is a full-body exercise that incorporates the entire core, including the muscles of your back, sides, and abdomen. It’s often described as an “isometric hold” because it involves holding your body in a static position while engaging multiple muscle groups.

    To do a basic plank, start by lying on your stomach with your hands shoulder-width apart behind you and your feet shoulder-width apart in front of you. Slowly lift yourself off the ground by pushing away from the floor with your arms and pressing down through your feet. Make sure to keep your back flat and avoid any hunching in the shoulders or lower back. Hold for 30 seconds and release back to the starting position.

    Reverse Crunch

    Reverse Crunches are an excellent way to target your lower abs, as they involve simultaneously flexing the hip and knees while raising the legs in an arc motion towards the torso. This exercise engages both the hip flexors and abdominals, providing a great workout for strengthening your abdominal muscles.

    Since reverse crunches require less movement than regular crunches, they are ideal for those who want to do more challenging abs exercises but may not have the coordination or range of motion necessary for more complicated moves like leg lifts or sit-ups. Additionally, reverse crunches are typically less strenuous than traditional ab exercises, making them a better choice for those who want to tone without getting too sore from their workouts.

    The reverse crunch is also a great way to help combat lower back pain by strengthening the core muscles that support your spine.

    Leg Raises

    Leg raises are one of the most effective core exercises for working the lower abdominal muscles. This exercise is relatively simple to do and can be done at home or in a gym by lying on a flat surface. The goal is to raise your legs up as far as possible, then lower them back down in a controlled motion. While doing this, engage your core muscles to prevent arching your back.

    Leg raises require no equipment and can be adapted to make them more challenging by:

    • Adding weight
    • Pausing at the top of the movement

    This exercise helps strengthen the lower abdominal muscles while also using other muscles throughout your body like your glutes, quads, and hip flexors. It can be used as part of any core workout routine to help build tone and strength.

    Bicycle Crunches

    Bicycle Crunches are a staple exercise for targeting the lower abs, and also incorporate movement for the obliques. To perform this exercise, lay flat on your back with your feet raised up in the air. Place your hands behind the back of your head, and lift from there. Alternating sides, bring each knee in towards the opposite elbow to form a “bicycling” motion. The range of motion is small, but remember to engage all muscles in order to complete one rep correctly.

    This exercise can be made easier by separating each repetition into segments instead of flowing through them as if you are riding a bicycle. Doing so will allow you to really focus on using all core muscles as you move through each step.

    Cardio Exercises

    Cardio workouts are an excellent way to target your lower abs, as they help burn fat which is essential for a lean and toned core. This type of exercise also keeps your heart and lungs in shape and helps to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

    Let’s have a look at some of the best cardio exercises for lower abs:

    High Knees

    High Knees is an effective cardio exercise which strengthens and tones the muscles of your lower abs. It is an aerobic exercise that challenges both your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, pushing your lower abdominal muscles to their limits. It involves lifting your legs up to hip-height while running in place, flicking the knees up as high as possible while maintaining a straight back and core. This exercise works your whole body, with focus on the lower abdominals, as well as providing a great calorie burn.

    High Knees are not only a great way to strengthen the lower abs but can be incorporated into a HIIT workout routine for maximum results. It’s important to keep proper form when executing High Knees – hips should remain flexed at all times, back should remain straight, arms should stay close to the sides, and knees should be lifted up to hip height.

    Implementing High Knees into your current workout regime will help develop stronger, more sculpted lower abs in no time!

    Mountain Climbers

    Mountain climbers are a great exercise for targeting the lower abs. This dynamic movement works all of your core muscles including your lower abdominals, obliques, hip flexors and glutes.

    To perform this exercise, begin in a plank position with your hands on the ground under your shoulders. Keeping your back flat and core engaged, begin to alternate driving one knee towards the chest at a time in quick succession. Aim for about two reps per second and make sure to use good form by maintaining a flat back and drawing your belly button into your spine.

    This can be performed as an interval exercise by alternating 20 seconds of mountain climbers with 10 seconds of rest for 4-6 rounds depending on fitness level. Mountain Climbers are an effective way to target the lower abdominal muscles and can help build core strength when performed regularly.


    One of the most popular and effective exercises for working lower abs is the burpee. Burpees are a fast-paced, full-body exercise that targets both the upper and lower body. This exercise consists of four parts: squatting, jumping, pushing up, and jumping back.

    To perform a burpee correctly, you need to begin in a squat position with your hands on the ground. Then jump into a pushup position while extending your legs out behind you. Return to your original squat position and then jump off the ground with both feet at once. This explosive motion requires a considerable amount of core strength to execute correctly. The more powerful each move is, the more effort is required from your lower abs resulting in an effective ab workout!

    Aside from its effect on abdominal muscle tone, burpees also help build overall strength and are great for cardiovascular health too!


    After any workout, it is important to cool down your body to reduce the chance of injury. Cool-down exercises help to lower your heart rate and provide relief to your muscles. Moreover, they also help to prevent muscle soreness.

    Let’s look at the best cool-down exercises for working on lower abs:

    Stretching exercises

    Cool-down stretching exercises are essential after any workout, including workouts targeting the lower abs. Cool-down exercises help to prevent injury or soreness associated with strenuous exercise and also promote improved flexibility. After a lower ab workout, it is important to target the same muscles with some stretching. This helps to relax them so that they will be ready for the next session.

    Stretches should be performed in the same order that you completed your workout and can include:

    • Cat/cow poses
    • Downward dog pose
    • Cobra pose
    • Threading the needle pose
    • Child’s pose with a twist
    • Standing hip stretch
    • Standing side bend

    Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds for maximum benefits. Doing cool-down stretches after each workout will help your lower abs stay strong and flexible while improving overall flexibility of your body.

    Foam Rolling

    Foam rolling is a low-impact activity that is used frequently in many fitness centers. By using a foam roller, you are applying a gentle, targeted pressure to specific points on your body. This can help to reduce muscular tension and increase blood flow, making it an excellent cool-down technique after a workout.

    For lower ab exercise sessions, foam rolling can help to target the deep abdominal muscles and reduce any tightness or soreness. Foam rolling should be used for no more than 20 minutes per session; start at the lower back area and move your way down towards the pelvis area for maximum results. Additionally, make sure to use slow, controlled movements when foam rolling instead of bouncing or jolting for best results.

    FAQs about: Best Workout For Lower Abs

    Q1: What is the best workout for lower abs?

    A1: The best exercises for targeting your lower abs include hanging leg raises, reverse crunches, planks, and bicycle crunches.

    Q2: How often should I do lower abs exercises?

    A2: You should aim to do lower abs exercises 2-3 times per week.

    Q3: How many sets of lower abs exercises should I do?

    A3: Generally, you should do 3 sets of 8-12 reps of each exercise.

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