The Best Makeup for Wedding Photos

You want to look your best in wedding photos – we get it! Finding the right makeup can be a tricky endeavour, but worry not – we’ve rounded up the best makeup for wedding photos so you look perfect on your special day.

Quick facts: Best Makeup For Wedding Photos

  • ✅ Foundation should be chosen carefully for a wedding photo as it is important to pick one that won’t oxidize or change shades during the day (Beauty Broadcast).
  • ✅ Brides should opt for light shades of blush and highlighter for a more natural look in wedding photos (Bridal Guide).
  • ✅ Waterproof mascara is a must-have for a wedding day look that will last through tears and photos (Total Beauty).
  • ✅ A nude or slightly pink lip colour is the best choice for wedding photos as it will make the lips look fuller without looking overly made-up (Glamour).
  • ✅ To avoid heavy-looking makeup in photographs, foundations should be blended with a damp sponge or Beautyblender (Allure).


One of the most important steps when it comes to having perfect wedding photos is the preparation. It is essential to have your makeup professionally done and select the right products to ensure you will look your best in the photos.

In this article, we will explore the best makeup for wedding photos, how to prepare beforehand, and the different looks you can achieve.

Choose a makeup artist

Choosing a makeup artist is one of the most important aspects of preparing for wedding photos. Working with a professional makeup artist ensures you have the best, most detailed look for your big day. Before selecting a makeup artist, do some research to determine who has the look and style you’re going for. Read reviews from previous brides and flip through photos to find someone who can best give you the finished look that makes you feel like your most beautiful self on your special day.

Once you’ve chosen your artist, meet with them in person or via video chat to discuss what type of look you want and how it will complement everything else in your wedding photos. Ask about their techniques, products they use and how they prefer to be contacted if something comes up last minute or if any changes need to be made.

Have a trial run

Having a trial run for your makeup look before your wedding is essential to ensure that it looks beautiful and flawless in pictures. It also allows you to determine the exact techniques and products that work best for your skin tone and texture. When choosing a makeup artist, be sure to review their portfolio of previous brides to get an idea of the styles they specialize in.

You’ll need to book your trial run at least a month before your wedding day so you have plenty of time to adjust any details that may not be working with your look. Be sure to provide pictures of makeup styles, as well as photos of yourself, so that the artist knows what type of look you’re trying to achieve. It’s normal for there to be some changes on the actual day, but having a good base will lead you closer towards achieving the perfect makeup look for all those gorgeous wedding photos!

Prepare your skin

Preparing your skin for wedding photos is an important step in achieving beautiful makeup and glowing skin. Start by cleansing and moisturizing your face with a gentle, non-drying cleanser. Use a toner to balance out the pH of your skin, followed by a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer. Give yourself plenty of time before your big day to add different products into your routine and try out looks that you like.

Once you have prepped, exfoliate and hydrate your skin before applying primer. This will help ensure that foundation goes on smoothly and evenly. If you’re using makeup with SPF protection, make sure it does not contain any harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin or cause breakouts. Finally, set everything in place with a lightweight setting spray for longer lasting makeup. Following these steps should help you create flawless makeup looks on camera!


Foundation is the most important part of wedding makeup, as it helps create an even and flawless complexion. Choosing the right foundation is key to achieving the perfect bridal look. When selecting foundation for wedding photos, it’s important to keep in mind the characteristics of your skin, the season and the wedding venue. Let’s dive into the details:

Choose a long-lasting foundation

One of the most important steps in achieving a flawless look for weddings photos is choosing a long-lasting foundation. A long-lasting foundation ensures that your makeup will stay put all day and won’t look patchy in photos. It is advisable to avoid foundations with an SPF, as they tend to cause flashback in photographs (appearing white on the face). Look for foundations with natural or matte finish, which provide full coverage while still feeling lightweight.

Make sure you apply primer before applying foundation, it will make a world of difference in keeping your makeup stay on all day. For best results it’s important to choose the right shade that matches your skin tone and undertone. Test out several shades to find the one that looks most natural on you!

Choose a matte finish

Choosing a matte finish for your makeup when preparing for wedding photos is important in order to achieve a timeless look. A matte finish eliminates any unwanted shimmer, glitter, or sheen that can appear in photographs and make you look too shiny or artificial. Matte foundations also provide a longer-lasting base, so your makeup won’t need to be touched up throughout the day.

If you prefer a natural look and want to maintain an even skin tone try using BB cream or CC cream and then set with a light dusting of powder. To protect your skin from the sun, choose products containing SPF – this will also give you extra coverage. For drier skin types, try a liquid foundation that is specifically formulated for dry skin; it will provide extra moisture as well as coverage.

Choose a color that matches your skin tone

Choosing the right foundation for your wedding day is essential to achieving a flawless look that will last all day and night. When selecting the best foundation for your wedding photos, it is important to select a color that matches your skin tone. The goal is to find something that blends into your skin seamlessly, allowing you to achieve a natural-looking finish. If it’s too light, it can make you look sickly; if it’s too dark, you’ll end up looking like an orange Oompa Loompa!

To pick the best shade, look at the shades of your natural skin – not just where you apply foundation or concealer – as this will ensure better blendability with other products and avoid any tell tale lines or streaks. Start by testing foundations on different areas of your face and neck in natural light until you find something with a close match. Consider taking photos to see how it looks in different lighting conditions so that you can be sure of the color before investing in a full bottle of foundation. A professional makeup artist can help determine the perfect match for your skin tone, ensuring perfect coverage and beautiful photos on your special day.


Concealer is a key makeup item for anyone looking to achieve flawless skin in their wedding photos. Utilizing a concealer can help in camouflaging any discolouration, blemishes and dark circles you may have. It evens out your skin tone and helps to create a smooth and natural look for your special day.

Keep reading to learn more about concealer and its key features.

Choose a full coverage concealer

Full coverage concealer is the best type of concealer to use when preparing for your wedding day. This type of concealer provides a full coverage, which hides any imperfections, hyper-pigmentation, dark circles or other blemishes that you may want to cover. Full coverage concealers are usually more opaque in color, which allows them to provide better coverage and can last longer throughout the day.

When choosing a full coverage concealer for your wedding photos, it is important to select one that matches your skin tone and undertone as closely as possible for the most natural look. Since full coverage formulas tend to have more pigment than lighter formulas, less may be needed for covering blemishes or dark circles and you can achieve a flawless finish without having caked-on makeup in pictures.

Choose a color that matches your skin tone

Choosing the right color of concealer for your skin tone is an essential part of getting the best look for your wedding photos. The color should match your skin tone as closely as possible, so that the concealer blends in seamlessly with your natural skin. This is particularly important if you are looking to cover blemishes or uneven skin tone.

If you have yellow undertones, opt for a yellow-based concealer; if you have pink undertones, choose a pink or rosy shade. You should also consider choosing a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone; this helps to brighten and highlight any areas that need some extra help.

To ensure the perfect match, swatch different colors on various parts of your face and compare them in natural light before making a final decision.

Apply concealer to areas that need extra coverage

Concealer is a type of makeup used to cover up dark spots, blemishes, and other discolorations on your skin. On your wedding day, applying concealer can help you look more photo-ready in pictures.

Begin by using a light-colored concealer that matches your skin tone – if it looks too light or too dark, you will be able to tell in the photos! Apply the concealer with a thin brush or beauty sponge and make sure to blend it out well. Pay special attention to areas like the under eyes, chin, and around the nose where discoloration may be more pronounced.

Finally set your concealer with a light dusting of setting powder using an eyeshadow brush. This will help any shine prevent taking over the photos and make sure everything stays in place for hours of dancing and celebrating!


Using blush is the perfect way to add a radiant and youthful glow to your wedding photos. Blush is versatile and can be used to accentuate and contour your face, resulting in a glamorous photo-ready look. When applied correctly, blush can take your bridal look to the next level.

Here’s an in-depth look at why blush should be an essential part of your wedding makeup:

Choose a natural looking blush

When it comes to makeup for wedding photos, choosing an appropriate blush is a must. Blush adds a light flush of color to your face, making you look radiant and glowing. For photos, look for a shade that is natural and subtle. Choose a neutral tone that complements your skin tone and won’t overpower the rest of your makeup. Try sample shades on your chin or jawline because this will give you the most accurate representation of how the blush will look in photos.

Blush should be applied lightly and blended out with a brush or your fingers until it appears soft and natural. Start near the apples of your cheeks and blend outward toward the temples, following the natural contours of your face. Overdoing it with blush can make you appear overly made-up or washed out in photos so use as little blush as possible while still achieving a healthy glow.

Choose a color that complements your skin tone

When selecting blush for a wedding-day look, the most important thing to consider is your skin tone. The best way to find a shade of blush that compliments you is to identify the undertone of your skin.

  • For warm undertones, choose shades like peach, coral and apricot.
  • For cool undertones, opt for rosy pinks or mauves.
  • For neutral complexions, look for any shade within these two spectrums—the key is achieving balance with your skin tone!

When buying blush it’s also important to consider the texture and finish you prefer. Do you want a powder, cream, or liquid formula? A matte or glowy finish? Consider how this will interact with other makeup products already on your skin (e.g., foundation, bronzer). Whether you’re going for a natural bridal look or something more dramatic, experimenting with different shades and textures will help you perfect the wedding day look of your dreams!

Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks

Blush is an essential part of bridal makeup, as it adds a healthy flush to the cheeks and helps to enhance your best facial features. When applying blush, use a light hand and start by applying on the apples of the cheeks. To find your ‘apples’ simply smile while looking in the mirror and apply the colour just below where you can see your cheek bones.

When using a powder blush, apply a dusting directly over the apples of your cheeks using an angled brush and blend in an outward motion from the centre of your face. If you prefer to use cream blush instead, opt for dabbing with fingers or use an eye blender for creamier result.

When blending either powder or cream format, make sure to use small circular motions with no harsh lines when diffusing outwards. Always build up colour gradiently and avoid layering too much at once as it can look overwhelming in photos.


When it comes to makeup for wedding photos, your eyes are one of the important features to focus on. It is essential to get the perfect look for your eyes in wedding photos, as they are often the focal point of the face. There are various makeup techniques and products that you can use to make your eyes stand out in the photos. Let’s dive into the different ways you can do this:

  1. Apply a light-colored eyeshadow to the eyelid.
  2. Add a darker eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelid to add definition.
  3. Line the upper and lower lash lines with a black eyeliner.
  4. Apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.
  5. Add a few individual false eyelashes to make your eyes look more dramatic.
  6. Finish off with a light dusting of shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye.

Choose a waterproof mascara

Choosing the right mascara for your wedding photos is an important decision. To ensure your look lasts all day and night, you should opt for a waterproof mascara that won’t smudge or flake off in pictures. A waterproof formula will also hold a curl better than regular mascaras, helping you achieve the perfect lash look in photos.

Waterproof mascaras usually come in both volumizing and lengthening formulas, so pick the one that fits your beauty needs best. If you want extra drama for your wedding photos, try layering two types of mascaras to give a fuller effect and longer-lasting wear.

Choose an eyeshadow color that complements your skin tone

Choosing an eyeshadow color to wear on your wedding day can be challenging. The right color can bring out the best features of your face, show off your beautiful eyes and create a look that will remain timeless in your wedding photos. To ensure you get the most flattering eyeshadow look for your big day, choose colors that complement your skin tone.

If you have cool-toned skin, opt for blue or purple shades of eyeshadow like navy, lilac and lavender. Not only do these shades look amazing when paired with light to medium eye colors, but they’ll also make a subtle statement for serious impact in pictures. If you have warm-toned skin, try using bronzy shades of brown and copper with gold flecks, or reds and pinks to bring out the warmth in your complexion. For an added sparkle in photos, opt for shimmery versions of these colors instead of matte shadows.

Apply a thin line of eyeliner

Applying a thin line of eyeliner is one of the most important steps when it comes to wedding makeup. Eyeliner will help make your eyes look larger and brighter in photos, and can also create the appearance of thicker lashes.

When choosing an eyeliner for your wedding photos, always go for a long-lasting, waterproof formula that won’t smudge or transfer.

Start by sweeping the eyeliner along your top lash line, starting from the inner corner of your eye. Create a line that gradually gets thicker towards the outer corner of your eye. You can also create a subtle cat-eye effect by flicking out the line at the end.

For extra definition, add a thin line on your bottom lash line as well. Finally, finish up with two coats of volumizing mascara to complete your look!


Finding the right lipstick for your wedding photos is essential for a beautiful, natural look. The right color should highlight your lips without being too overwhelming. Additionally, the formulation should be long lasting and able to withstand a variety of poses throughout the photoshoot.

Here are some tips for achieving the perfect look with your lips for your wedding photos:

  • Choose a lipstick color that complements your skin tone.
  • Look for a long-lasting formula that won’t require frequent touch-ups.
  • Opt for a matte finish for a natural look.
  • Make sure you test the lipstick on your lips before the wedding day.
  • Consider using a lip liner to define the shape of your lips.

Choose a long-lasting lip color

Choosing a long-lasting lip color is essential for ensuring your wedding photos turn out perfect. Long-lasting lip colors are more resistant to fading and smudging than traditional lipstick or gloss, so your look will last all day through the ceremony, reception, and afterparty.

When choosing a long-lasting lip color, it’s important to consider what kind of look you want to achieve. For a classic look, opt for neutral colors like nudes or pinks that won’t compete with the rest of your makeup. For a bolder look, choose intense colors like reds or berries that will really pop in photos. Finally, be sure to stay away from glittery lip colors since the sparkles can reflect light back into the camera lens and create a glare on your face.

Choose a color that complements your skin tone

Choosing the perfect lipstick color for your wedding day photos can be tricky. To determine which color compliments your skin tone the best, you should first identify what type of skin tone you have.

  • If you have fair skin, choose a color that has a light to medium pink or coral undertone for a soft, romantic glow.
  • For those with medium to olive skin tones, opt for colors with warm reds or browns that will enhance your natural beauty.
  • On the other hand, if you have dark skin tones, try colors with deep berry hues and subtle purples that will make your lips pop in photos.

Additionally, look for brands and formulas offering full coverage and long-lasting wear so that you don’t spend extra time reapplying before taking pictures during the reception.

Apply lip liner and lipstick

In order to achieve the perfect wedding makeup look, it is important to apply lip liner and lipstick correctly. For this step, you should start by outlining your lips with a light-colored lip liner. Make sure to make the lines as smooth and even as possible. Then, use a brush to fill in your lips with a lipstick of your choice. Be sure to blend any visible lines and wrinkles that may have been caused by the lip liner. It is important to select a lipstick color that compliments both the dress and skin tone of the bride.

Finally, apply a layer of lip gloss or highlighter for extra shine and color. This will help add dimension and ensure your lips stand out in wedding photos.

FAQs about: Best Makeup For Wedding Photos

Q: What type of makeup should I use for my wedding photos?

A: For your wedding photos, you should opt for a more natural look that is tailored to your skin tone, eye color, and facial features. Look for a foundation that has a good coverage and is long-lasting, and choose neutral, earthy tones for eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks.

Q: Should I use powder or liquid foundation for my wedding photos?

A: The type of foundation you should use depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, a liquid foundation will work best as it will provide more moisture. If you have oily skin, a powder foundation will be better as it will help mattify your skin.

Q: What kind of makeup products should I use for my wedding photos?

A: Look for makeup products that are long-lasting and won’t smudge or fade easily. Invest in good quality products that are specifically designed for photography, as these will ensure you have flawless, beautiful wedding photos.

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