The Best Makeup for Your Wedding Day

From selecting the right foundation to getting the perfect dark lipstick, you want to look your best on your big day. With so much to consider, it can be difficult to find makeup that suits you and your special occasion. This article provides the best advice for makeup on your wedding day.

Quick facts: Best Makeup For Wedding Day

  • ✅ The average bride spends approximately $70 on makeup for her wedding day –
  • 80% of brides choose to have their makeup professionally done for their wedding day – The Knot
  • ✅ Waterproof mascara and long-lasting lip colors are essential for a wedding day look – The Knot
  • ✅ Foundation and concealer are the most important products in order to achieve a flawless base –
  • ✅ Eyeshadow palettes with neutral colors are the most popular choice for brides –
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    Preparing for the Big Day

    Preparing for your wedding is an exciting time, and part of that involves deciding on the perfect makeup look. Finding the right makeup for your big day can be a challenge, as you’ll want to look your best for all your wedding photos.

    Here, we’ll discuss the best makeup for your wedding day and what you should consider when choosing your look:

    Choose the right foundation

    Choosing the right foundation is one of the most important elements of your wedding makeup. It needs to have enough coverage to look perfect on camera but also be lightweight enough to feel comfortable all day. The best type of foundation for wedding makeup is usually a liquid formula with medium-to-full coverage, as it applies smoothly and seamlessly to blur out any imperfections.

    Look for foundations that are long-lasting and have an SPF of at least 15. If you’re concerned about shine, opt for an oil-free or matte finish foundation. Once you’ve found the right color, make sure to swatch it on your face in natural lighting so that you can be sure it matches properly before committing to the purchase.

    Select the right color palette

    When it comes to choosing the right color palette for your wedding day makeup, consider what compliments your complexion, brings out the natural beauty of your skin, and best enhances your features.

    Start by figuring out which season you are – is it winter or summer? Winter shades tend to be cooler and more muted, while warmer colors work better for summer skin tones. Then determine which colors work best for you. Do you prefer neutral tones or brighter pops of color?

    Once you’ve figured out the perfect palette for you, select products that match. Foundation should be the same shade as your matte eye shadows and lip color should complement blush and highlight shades.

    Finding the right color palette may take some trial and error but don’t give up! With a little patience, you can find that perfect wedding day look!

    Get the right tools for the job

    To get the perfect look for your wedding day, you need to have the right tools for the job. These tools include makeup sponges, foundations, concealers, highlighters, and brushes.

    • Makeup sponges are great for blending foundation and creating an even coverage across your skin.
    • Foundations come in a variety of textures and shades to provide you with just the perfect tone for your skin type.
    • Concealers are used to cover dark circles under eyes or blemishes on your face and blend seamlessly into your foundation.
    • Highlighters can be used to add a subtle touch of shine and bring out certain features such as your cheekbone or nose bridge.
    • Brushes are great for easy application of all these products including eyeshadows and blush.

    With all these products at hand, you’ll be prepared to create the look you want on your special day!

    Applying Makeup

    Applying makeup correctly is an essential part of looking your best on your wedding day. Choosing the right shades and applying them correctly can make all the difference in how you look in wedding photos. Every bride wants to look her best and with the right makeup, you can achieve the perfect look.

    Let’s explore what makeup will work best for you:

    Begin with primer

    Primer is an important step in your makeup routine. It helps create a smooth canvas for your makeup, allowing it to last all day. When applying primer, you should start with a pea-sized amount of product and apply it to the areas of your face where you will be applying other makeup products, such as foundation or concealer. Start with one layer and then build up based on how much coverage you want. You can use your fingertips or a sponge to blend the primer into your skin evenly.

    Primer also helps set your foundation and concealer so that it won’t move or wear off during the day. Finish off by lightly dusting translucent powder all over your face for a seamless finish that looks natural and lasts longer.

    Apply foundation

    Applying foundation is one of the most important steps in your wedding day makeup. It’s what gives you a smooth, even base and helps everything else look better. When choosing a foundation for your big day, look for one that’s light enough to cover any blemishes or discoloration but won’t be too thick or cakey. The best foundations are those that will allow your natural skin to show through while covering up any imperfections.

    You should also choose one that’s long-wearing and won’t smudge off throughout the night. Try testing out various samples before purchasing to make sure you get the perfect shade for your skin tone.

    • Once you have the right formula and color, apply it evenly with either a sponge or brush and blend into skin until flawless.

    Apply concealer

    Concealer is a key product to have in your makeup arsenal, as it can hide away any imperfections or blemishes on your skin and helps create a flawless finish.

    Before applying your concealer, you should use a primer to create an even base. Once primed, select the right shade of concealer that matches your skin tone and use a brush or beauty sponge to blend it into the area where coverage is needed. Make sure that you are cautious when applying and blend the product upwards using small circular motions.

    To ensure long-lasting coverage, apply foundation over top of the concealer. This will help lock down the product and enhance its wear time throughout the day.

    Eye Makeup

    Eye makeup is an essential part of any bridal look, and it can really bring out your features. When it comes to choosing the perfect eye makeup for your wedding day, there are a few things to consider, such as the colour palette and the type of look you want to achieve.

    Let’s explore the best eye makeup for your special day:

    Choose the right eye shadow

    The right eye shadow can add a subtle yet beautiful enhancement to your wedding look. When choosing an eye shadow, it’s important to consider your skin tone, as well as the colors of your dress and accessories.

    • For lighter skin tones, a more natural approach is often best for creating a soft, romantic look. Neutral colors such as taupes, beiges and light browns are especially flattering for these skin tones. These colors will create a subtle contrast against the whites of your eyes, adding definition without being too overpowering.
    • For darker skin tones, bolder colors such as purples, deep blues and burgundy will stand out nicely without looking over-the-top. Don’t be afraid to play around with mixing two shades of the same color family or try out different textures like shimmery or matte shadows to add dimension and depth to your look!

    Apply eyeliner

    When applying eye makeup for your wedding day, one of the most important steps is to apply eyeliner. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the desired look and level of drama you’re going for.

    1. Use an eyeliner brush and apply a thin line to your upper lash line.
    2. Use a smudger or small brush to gently blend the eyeliner into your eyeshadow. This will help the eyeliner seamlessly blend into your eye makeup, while helping to add depth and dimension to your look. For more makeup advice for brides, check out our guide.
    3. For a more dramatic look, opt for a slightly heavier application at the outer corner of the eye, blending inward towards the inner corner.
    4. Use waterproof eyeliner if it is warm or rainy outside, as this will help keep your makeup looking its best all day long!

    Finish with mascara

    Mascara is an essential step to complete the look of your eye makeup. Before applying mascara, curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler. This will give a lifting effect to your eyes, making them look more open and awake.


    Lastly, you can use a lash comb or spoolie brush to separate and groom the lashes after applying any type of mascara for clump-free results.

    Blush and Contour

    Blush and contour are essential elements of makeup for your wedding day. Blush can give you a natural, healthy glow, while contouring can help you sculpt and shape your face for a more dramatic look. Both of these techniques provide a beautiful look that you can use to create the perfect bridal look.

    Let’s explore how to best use blush and contour for your big day:

    Choose the right blush

    Choosing the right blush for your wedding day is incredibly important and will make all the difference in how your skin looks and feels. The most important factor to consider when selecting a blush is finding a color that will look natural on your skin tone. Make sure to use your makeup artist’s expertise in determining which hue of blush will look best with your particular skin tone.

    Additionally, be sure to find the right texture; if you have oily or combination skin, then go for a pressed powder formula, whereas those with dry or mature skin might prefer a cream formula. Finally, consider the finish. If you’re going for a traditional, romantic vibe then opt for a subtle satin finish with just enough shine, whereas more modern brides might prefer something with more shimmery vibes like an illuminating shimmer powder. Depending on where you’ll be taking photos and what time of year it is, matte finishes are perfect for outdoor settings or hot summer days!

    Contour your face

    Contouring is an important step when it comes to makeup for a special event such as a wedding day. This simple yet dramatic technique helps to sculpt and enhance facial features, creating an overall look of definition and balance.

    Before you begin contouring, it’s important to select the right products for your skin type. Use a cream product on very dry skin and powder product for oily skin. Start small with the application – after all, you can always add more but it’s harder to remove excess product without starting over.

    Start by choosing 2-3 shades darker than your foundation color, then sweep the contour shade along your hairline and blend inward against the hollows of your cheeks, sides of nose and jawline. Finally use a highlighting shade – one or two shades lighter than your foundation color – to create definition in areas like cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge and chin.

    Highlight your features

    Highlighting your features is one of the most essential parts of your bridal makeup look. Highlighters—also known as strobing creams—are designed to add a beautiful glow to the skin, making the cheekbones, nose, and other facial features stand out even more.

    When it comes to wedding day makeup, a creamy highlighter should always be applied after you’ve set your foundation and blush; this way, you can make sure that your features are properly accentuated. Additionally, highlighters can help you achieve that classic “blushed bride” look by adding some extra shimmer or sparkle. The beauty of a good highlighter is that it can both illuminate and contour at the same time; try different shades and formulas until you find one that works best for you!

    Lip Makeup

    Lip makeup is an important part of your wedding day look. The right lipstick, lip liner, and other lip products can really make your face stand out. From classic reds to bold blues, there is a lip look to suit everyone.

    Let’s take a look at the best lip makeup for your wedding day:

    Choose the right lipstick

    Choosing the right lipstick for your wedding day is essential. When it comes to lip makeup, there are three main types of lipstick: gloss, matte, and sheer.

    • Gloss is a great option for adding shine to the lips and optically plumping them up. It’s also the most moisturizing type of lipstick.
    • Matte lipsticks are perfect for a sophisticated look and tend to last longer without touching up than gloss or sheer formulas do.
    • Sheer lipsticks give your lips color while still allowing some of their natural texture and features to show through.

    Each type of lipstick will have something different to offer you, so take some time to experiment with different shades and finishes before making your final choice!

    Apply lip liner

    Lip liner is essential for long-lasting lip color. It helps define and enhance the lips, giving the look of fuller lips and creating the perfect canvas on which to paint your lip color. Lip liner should be applied before your lipstick to ensure that the colors blend together seamlessly and blend outward along the edges of your natural lip line.

    Choose a lip liner that is as close in color as possible to your lipstick, so you can create a more natural look. Start by outlining your natural lip line with smooth lines, using light pressure for thin lines and heavier pressure for thicker lines. If you’re using a pencil liner, choose one that’s soft and creamy so it glides smoothly across your lips without tugging at them. Finish off by blending out any harsh lines with a small brush for seamless coverage.

    Finish with gloss


    When choosing a shade for your gloss, it’s best to look for something that’s just slightly darker than the lipstick shade you’ve chosen. This will help create that “pouty” look without looking too overdone. Always remember to start off lightly when applying any type of glossy lip product and build up gradually so you have control over how much you need or want. A little goes a long way!

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    Q: How long should I allow for makeup application on my wedding day?

    A: Depending on how much makeup you want to wear, you should plan to spend roughly an hour to an hour and a half for makeup application. Make sure to do a trial run before the wedding day to ensure that you are happy with the look and that it does not take too long to apply.

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