The Best Makeup for a Beach Photoshoot

Want to look your best for a beach photoshoot? You’re in luck! This article will provide you with a few tips and tricks for ensuring your makeup looks perfect for the occasion. Whether you’re aiming for a natural look or something more glamorous, this guide will help you achieve the perfect beachy vibe!

Quick facts: Best Makeup For Beach Photoshoot

  • ✅ Go for waterproof makeup to ensure no smudging or running due to sweat – Allure Magazine
  • ✅ Use a matte foundation with SPF to protect your skin from sun damage – Elle Magazine
  • ✅ For eyes, opt for shimmery shadows and a waterproof liner – Cosmopolitan
  • ✅ Use a cream blush for a natural, dewy look – Good Housekeeping
  • ✅ Use a setting spray to ensure the makeup stays fresh all day – Harper’s Bazaar
  • Preparing the Skin

    Getting your skin ready for a beach photoshoot is essential for achieving great results. Preparing your skin involves ensuring that your face is clean and free of any dirt or impurities. Additionally, it’s important to use the right type of make up and products that will hold up in the sun and sand. These tips will help you prep your skin for getting the most out of your beach photoshoot:

    • Ensure your face is clean and free of any dirt or impurities.
    • Use the right type of make up and products that will hold up in the sun and sand.
    • Moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated.
    • Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.
    • Exfoliate your skin to get rid of any dead skin cells.

    Cleanse and exfoliate the skin

    Prior to applying makeup for a beach photoshoot, it is important to properly cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This ensures that your makeup will last longer, as your skin will be free of any dirt, bacteria or oil that can cause it to become irritated or break down. It also allows any product you apply, such as foundation or concealer, to stick better on your skin. Cleansing and exfoliating is especially beneficial if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun and sand.

    When cleansing the skin, use a gentle facial cleanser that does not contain harsh chemicals or fragrances. Additionally, use an exfoliator with natural ingredients such as apricot kernels or oatmeal as these are gentler on the skin than chemical alternatives. Finally, after cleansing and exfoliating your face, don’t forget to apply moisturizer in order to further protect and nourish your skin prior to applying makeup!

    Apply a moisturizer

    Applying a moisturizer is an essential step when preparing your skin for a beach photoshoot. Moisturizers help to lock in moisture, keeping skin hydrated, which helps create a healthy glow. Moisturizers also help to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, making your make-up look smoother and more even.

    When selecting a moisturizer for your beach photoshoot, choose one that is water-based and oil-free. Water-based moisturizers work great on wet or damp skin while oil-free ones will not clog pores or cause breakouts.

    Finally, make sure to apply the moisturizer over all areas of exposed skin at least 10 minutes before applying makeup to ensure it has time to absorb into the skin.

    Apply a primer

    Primer is a key step to preparing the skin for a beach photoshoot. Primer acts as a layer between your skin and your makeup, providing a smooth canvas that allows makeup to last longer and look better throughout the day. Primers also add hydration, making them an ideal choice for those with dry skin who need help keeping their makeup in place.

    When applying primer, make sure to start by washing your face and moisturizing before using a dime-sized amount of primer all over your face. Start from the outside of your face and work towards the inner part of it, blending the product outwards for an even finish. After allowing the primer time to settle into the skin (usually about 2 minutes), it’s time to apply makeup for your beach photoshoot.


    Foundation is an essential part of any makeup look, but it’s even more essential when it comes to beach photoshoots. You need a foundation that is lightweight and won’t give you a cakey or heavy look. You also need a formula that won’t run or melt in the sun.

    Here are some of the best foundations for a beach photoshoot:

    Choose a lightweight foundation

    When preparing for a beach photoshoot, a lightweight foundation is the ideal choice. The idea is to achieve a natural, dewy finish without it appearing cake-y or heavy. Choose a formula that is long wearing and oil-free so it won’t melt off in the heat and humidity. Mineral foundations or sheer tinted moisturizers are both good options for achieving this look. For added protection from the sun opt for BB or CC creams with mineral-based SPF and antioxidants.

    Make sure to apply your foundation with a brush so you get even coverage while avoiding heavy build up in certain areas. Since you don’t want your foundation to stand out on camera, ensure that you blend it well into your skin so it appears natural and seamlessly melts into your complexion.

    Apply foundation with a damp sponge

    For a beach photoshoot, it is important to choose a foundation that is lightweight and does not feel heavy on the skin. One of the best ways to apply foundation for this purpose is by using a damp sponge. This allows the foundation to be applied in thin layers and gives it a more natural look that will last longer in photographs. Additionally, using a damp sponge as opposed to applying the product directly with your fingers will keep your hands clean while also giving you greater control over how much product you are applying.

    When using a damp sponge, start applying from the centre of your face and blend outwards while pressing lightly into your skin with each stroke. This will help ensure an even coverage and natural finish without looking cakey or mask-like.

    Use a setting powder

    Setting powder is an important step in any makeup routine, especially for photos. Setting powder helps to absorb excess oil, mattify the skin, and blur out any pores or lines. This helps give a flawless finish that will show up in pictures without looking too cakey or unnatural.

    For a beach photoshoot, it’s best to use a lightweight powder that won’t look heavy on the skin. Try using a translucent or tinted setting powder to set your foundation and concealer in place and make sure it lasts through the humidity of the beach environment. When using setting powder, make sure you don’t overdo it – too much can make your skin look dull and cakey. Remember, the goal with makeup is to look natural!

    Blush and Bronzer

    Blush and bronzer are two essential makeup items to consider when planning for a beach photoshoot. Blush can give your cheeks a hint of colour and glow to your face, while bronzer can help create a sun-kissed look. Both products can give you the perfect beachy look for your photoshoot and can help emphasize your natural beauty.

    Let’s discuss the benefits of blush and bronzer for a beach photoshoot:

    Choose a matte blush

    When choosing a matte blush for your beach photoshoot, select one that matches the natural flush of your skin. Go for colors that are a few shades darker than your skin color to create a natural-looking effect. Swirl the brush in the powder and tap off any excess before you apply the blush. Start from the apple of your cheeks and gently blend it up towards your hairline and down towards your jawline. Make sure all of the tints are blended so there are no patches or streaks left on your face.

    Use lighter strokes for areas near your eyes, as too much pressure may spread it too far out towards other areas of your face, creating an unnatural look that won’t look good in photos. Finish with a light dusting of bronzer on top of the blush—it will give you a luminous look while keeping it matte and natural-looking at the same time!

    Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks

    Blush is a great way to add color, definition and depth to the cheeks. When applying blush for a beach photoshoot, it’s important to make sure that you have the right product for your skin type. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a cream blush or powder blush if you have dry skin or an emulsion or gel formulation if your skin is oily. Typically, a rosy cheek color looks best in photos, so don’t be afraid to go slightly brighter than you would with your everyday makeup look.

    Start by applying the blush lightly on the apples of the cheeks and blend outward towards the hairline using either a brush or fingers. This will ensure that your blush looks natural and even in photos.

    Apply a light bronzer

    When shooting photos on the beach, it’s essential to apply a light bronzer. Bronzer delivers a beautiful sun-kissed look without the damaging effects of actual sun exposure. A light bronzer helps to warm the complexion while providing a subtle hint of color and definition.

    To achieve the best results, use a brush to evenly distribute a soft matte bronzing powder across your cheeks, chin and forehead for a natural-looking finish. When applying bronzer to your face, you can add depth and dimension by blending darker shades along your cheekbones and jawline for an extra pop. For an even brighter finish add a touch of blush or highlighter along your cheeks for added luminosity and glow.


    When it comes to beach photoshoots, your eyes are often the focus of attention. To make them stand out, you want to use makeup that won’t wash away with the sweat or the ocean water. It is important to choose products that are waterproof and long-lasting to ensure your look stays perfect throughout the photoshoot.

    Let’s explore some of the best makeup products for your eyes:

    Use a waterproof mascara

    When it comes to beach photoshoots, waterproof mascara is a must – after all, you don’t want your makeup to look washed off or run down your face in the ocean! The trick with waterproof mascaras is to make sure they are really waterproof. This can be tricky, as some may say they are waterproof but turn out to not be the case. To be safe, it’s best to invest in a good quality brand that guarantees perfect coverage and won’t smudge or melt off in the water.

    Additionally, using an eyelash curler before applying mascara can really help open up the eyes and give an eye-catching look for any photoshoot.

    Apply a neutral eyeshadow

    Applying a neutral eyeshadow is a great way to get the perfect beach photoshoot look. Neutrals provide a subtle background for the eye without overpowering it and making it hard to draw attention to the rest of your face. They also blend seamlessly with any other colors you decide to apply, allowing you to customize your look and emphasize other features.

    When selecting a neutral eyeshadow, choose one that resembles your skin tone for a more natural look, or opt for darker neutrals when looking for something more dramatic. Accessories like colored eyeliners, mascaras and false eyelashes can be used in conjunction with your eyeshadow in order to add dimension and interest. When applying these products, be sure not to overdo it—too much makeup on the eyes can make the photo seem overly done or even cartoon-ish!

    Line the eyes with a waterproof eyeliner

    Using a waterproof eyeliner is an essential step to achieving the perfect look for any beach photoshoot. Waterproof eyeliner will ensure that your eyes won’t be smudged or running if you happen to get splashed by seawater while shooting. This will help create an alluring, yet subtle definition at the base of your eye that won’t be washed away.

    Additionally, when paired with a bright and bold shadow, this liner will make your eyes pop in the photos taken near the water. To apply the liner, draw along your natural lash line using short strokes until you achieve the desired thickness. Lastly, make sure to pair this eyeliner with a waterproof mascara to keep your lashes looking full and defined all day!


    Lips are an integral part of any beach photoshoot, as they can bring out the colors of the ocean and sand. When choosing the best makeup for a beach photoshoot, it’s important to choose lip products that will last long and won’t smudge in the wind or water. It’s also important to pick colors that will stand out against the scenery.

    Here, we will discuss the best lip products and colors for a beach photoshoot:

    Choose a long-lasting lipstick

    When deciding which lipstick to choose for your beach photoshoot, you want something that will both look great and last long. A long-lasting lipstick is ideal so you won’t have to worry about constantly touching up your makeup during the shoot. Look for a lipstick that is waterproof, smudge-proof, and non-drying so it will stay put against the elements.

    You should also make sure it provides plenty of pigment that can easily be applied with a few swipes of the tube or brush. Opt for a lip gloss or balm if you prefer something lighter on your lips. If you do decide to go with gloss, use extra care when applying it so it won’t run out as soon as you hit the beach!

    Apply a lip liner

    Applying a lip liner before applying your lipstick or lip gloss is essential for a beach photoshoot. Lip liners are formulated to give lips a defined shape and volume. They also provide a base for the other lip products and keep them in place throughout the day.

    Lip liners come in a variety of colors and finishes, but if you’re opting for a natural look, choose something close to your natural lip color or opt for something slightly darker like terracotta, which will help to create an ombré effect. Be sure to use an applicator brush to blend and soften the edge of your lip line so that it looks more natural. When going for an extra long-lasting beach look, pencils are best as they contain waxes that when set with powder stay put better than liquid liners.

    Add a lip gloss

    Adding a lip gloss is one of the best makeup choices for a beach photoshoot. It will help add some dimension to your face and make it look brighter and more alive. Glosses give lips a healthy, luminous glow without being over the top or too bold. They don’t need to be heavily applied either, so you won’t be stressing about needing to take them off in between waves or during snacks.

    With glosses, you can pick whatever color matches your skin tone best and still have it work out great! Go for light but shimmery shades like pink, peach and light rose for the most summery feel.

    FAQs about: Best Makeup For Beach Photoshoot

    Q: What is the best makeup for a beach photoshoot?

    A: The best makeup for older skin a beach photoshoot is a light, natural look. Avoid using too much foundation or heavy eye makeup, as these can look too harsh in the bright sunlight. Instead, focus on using a slight bronzer to give your skin a sun-kissed glow, and a light lip gloss to make your lips look hydrated.

    Q: What color eyeshadow should I use for a beach photoshoot?

    A: For a beach photoshoot, use light, natural colors that won’t create too much contrast with your skin. Consider subtle shades of brown, peach, and gold, or pastel colors like pink or light blue.

    Q: What type of mascara should I use for a beach photoshoot?

    A: When it comes to mascara, opt for a waterproof formula that won’t run if you sweat or get caught in the rain. Also look for a subtle, natural look that won’t be too overpowering in the photos.

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