The Best Makeup for Bags Under Eyes

Do you suffer from prominent bags under your eyes? You deserve products that target this particular issue and help you look and feel your best. Discover the best makeup for bags under eyes to help you look refreshed and confident.

Quick facts: Best Makeup For Bags Under Eyes

  • ✅ Using a cooling metal rollerball can help reduce the appearance of undereye bags – InStyle Magazine
  • ✅ Drinking sufficient water can help reduce eye bags – Healthline
  • ✅ Applying a brightening undereye concealer can help conceal dark circles – Allure Magazine
  • ✅ Using a product with caffeine can help reduce puffiness – Good Housekeeping
  • ✅ Applying a hydrating eye cream can help reduce puffiness – The Dermatology Review
  • Prepping the Skin

    Before applying any makeup, it’s essential to ensure that the skin around your eyes is properly prepped. This means cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating your skin to ensure that any makeup you apply afterwards sticks to the skin for longer and looks its best.

    In this article, we will cover the basics of prepping the skin around your eyes before applying makeup to reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes:

    Cleanse the skin

    The first step towards prepping the skin for baggy under-eye makeup is cleansing the area. Cleansing the skin helps to remove dirt and oil on the surface that can cause creasing, resulting in a smooth and even canvas for makeup. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser such as CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser or La Roche-Posay Micellar Water for sensitive skin. After cleansing, pat dry with a soft cloth or towel and allow it to air dry completely before proceeding with makeup application.

    You may also get rid of excess oils and minimize shine by applying a gentle mattifying primer specifically formulated for the delicate under-eye area. This will help keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day long!

    Apply a moisturizer

    Before applying makeup, it’s important to take care of the skin around your eyes. Start by applying a moisturizer with SPF protection. This will protect your skin from the sun and keep it hydrated throughout the day. Choose a product that is suitable for your skin type and won’t irritate the delicate area around your eyes. Allow the moisturizer to absorb completely before you begin applying makeup. Applying too much product or not waiting for it to absorb can result in creasing or caking, so make sure to be patient!

    Once you’ve applied the moisturizer, use a gentle eye cream to help depuff and reduce any dark circles under your eyes.

    Apply a primer

    Before applying eye makeup, it is important to apply a primer on skin around the eyes. Primer helps to create a smooth surface for makeup and provides additional hydration to the delicate skin around the eyes. It can also prevent makeup from fading throughout the day.

    When applying primer, be sure to gently pat it into the skin with your fingertips for complete coverage. This will ensure an even application of product and smoother blending of concealer. Also, make sure that you don’t apply too much product as this can create an unnatural look and cause creasing around the eyes. Allow the primer to set for a few minutes before you begin applying your makeup for best results.


    Concealing bags under eyes can be tricky because you want to disguise them without looking cakey or unnatural. There are a few specific steps and products that you can use to successfully conceal bags under eyes. Let’s go into further detail about what makeup products and techniques to use for concealing those pesky bags:

    Choose the right shade of concealer

    When choosing the right shade of concealer, it’s important to consider how much darkness needs to be concealed. Too light a shade may make the bags stand out even more, while shades that are too dark may look unnatural. When in doubt, opt for one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone.

    Take a careful look at the colors around your eyes and find something that matches closely. Also, look for concealers with added reflective particles – these will further help disguise shadows and give a brighter, smoother complexion beneath the eyes. It’s worth trying on a few different shades to find one that complements your skin tone and looks natural against your other makeup.

    Apply a small amount of concealer

    Using a small amount of concealer is one of the key steps to reducing the appearance of bags under eyes. Concealer helps to lighten dark spots, counteract redness and create an even complexion. The size of the brush you use will depend on the area that needs concealing. For smaller areas, a small brush is best for better accuracy and control.

    Before applying concealer, make sure to moisturize your skin as dryness can cause further darkness and discoloration around the eye area. Start by tapping a tiny amount of product directly onto your under eye circles in a gentle patting motion before blending with a brush or your fingertips until completely seamless.

    For added brightening, color correctors can be used prior to concealer application; choose yellow-toned products to help cancel out any blue or purple hues in the area.

    Blend the concealer with a brush or sponge

    Blending the concealer properly is key to getting good coverage for bags under the eyes. Begin with a dot of concealer just above and below each eye, in the inner corner and on the outer corner. Using a brush, sponge, or even your fingertips, blend the concealer outward in light strokes. Keep blending until it reaches evenly across both eyes.

    To ensure that all areas are covered, use light stippling motions and apply more product where necessary. Make sure to blend up towards any facial wrinkles or crows feet and across them lightly to avoid settling into creases. Lastly, set the concealer with a powder or setting spray for maximum longevity of wear throughout the day.


    Setting your makeup is an essential part of achieving a flawless finish. Setting your eye makeup is especially important when it comes to dealing with bags under eyes. This is because a good setting powder will help to fill out any crevices and lock in the makeup for all-day wear. By setting your eye makeup, you can keep your bags under eyes in check.

    Let’s look at some of the best makeup products to use when setting your eye makeup:

    Apply a setting powder

    When applying makeup to reduce bags under your eyes, setting powder is a must. Setting powder creates an almost-invisible low layer of protection against smudges, sweat and the oils your skin produces naturally throughout the day. After applying concealer or foundation to cover or reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes, tap a small amount of setting powder over the area with a brush or puff. This will help prevent creasing and keep it from fading.

    The type of setting powder you choose should depend on how dry or oily your skin is. If you have dry skin, look for a lightweight mineral formula that won’t clog pores or irritate sensitive areas such as around the eyes. For more oily skin, opt for an oil-absorbing pressed powder that won’t add layers to what can already be an issue in this area.

    Use a setting spray

    Using a setting spray is one of the best ways to set your makeup when trying to get rid of bags under eyes. Setting sprays are designed to help keep your makeup in place, and they can help ensure that your concealer stays on longer.

    When applying the setting spray, make sure you get it close to the area you want it to set and hold, but be careful not to spray too close as it may cause some discomfort or stinging. And make sure that you let it dry fully before opening your eyes or touching the area with your fingers.

    Setting sprays come in different formulas, so look for one that works best for your type of skin and type of concealer you are using.

    Finishing Touches

    Adding the finishing touches to your makeup look can make all the difference. If you have bags under your eyes, one of the best ways to cover them up is by using makeup. There are a few different products that work well for this issue and can leave you with a beautiful, natural finish. Let’s look at the best makeup for bags under eyes:

    Apply a highlighter

    When it comes to making dark circles or bags under the eyes appear less noticeable, one of the most effective tools is a highlighter. Highlighters come in different shades and formulas to create a natural-looking, illuminated effect.

    For example, a liquid highlighter with a gold hue works well for adding warmth and light to the area around the eyes. Similarly, using a cream highlighter that has tiny gold flecks of glitter reflects more light and helps diminish shadows beneath the eyes. Start by dabbing highlighter lightly onto areas that appear darker – such as under eye bags – then blend it outwards towards your temples and cheekbones.

    Add a bit of blush

    Adding a bit of blush can be the finishing touch to help cover bags under eyes. When choosing a blush, it’s best to go one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Light pink or peach shades are considered the most flattering for those with dark circles, as they can help neutralize the discoloration and brighten up your complexion. Additionally, if you’re using liquid foundation beneath your eyes to camouflage bags, using a small brush to apply a bit of blush on top will help create a seamless finish.

    Avoid applying too much blush—small amounts will do! And regardless of your skin type or tone, make sure that you blend out the edges to avoid looking clownish. With this simple step, you can easily reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes and brighten up your complexion!

    Finish with a lip balm or gloss

    When applying makeup to bags under the eyes, finishing with a lip balm or gloss is essential. Using this technique will help to seal in your concealer and powder, as well as add a subtle shine that will draw attention away from any imperfections. While using a lip balm or gloss may seem counterintuitive when trying to hide bags, it can actually be an effective tool for making them less visible.

    The key is to use products that are non-greasy and don’t contain shimmer particles. To avoid looking washed out or unnatural, select colors that are close to your skin tone and apply them very lightly. When finished, you should have a subtle shine that draws attention away from the area while still appearing natural and glowing.

    FAQs about: Best Makeup For Bags Under Eyes

    Q: What is the best way to apply makeup to hide bags under eyes?

    A: The best way to apply makeup to hide bags under eyes is to use a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Using a brush or your finger, lightly tap the concealer into the area and blend it in. Make sure you blend down and out, and not just up, to avoid a cakey look.

    Q: What type of makeup should I use to hide bags under eyes?

    A: The best type of makeup to use to hide bags under eyes is a creamy, full coverage concealer. Make sure you find one that is the right shade for you, as a concealer that is too light or too dark can make the bags look more prominent.

    Q: What is the best way to prevent bags under eyes?

    A: The best way to prevent bags under eyes is to get enough sleep and stay hydrated. Try to avoid salty foods, as they can cause puffiness. Additionally, applying a cold compress to your eyes can help reduce puffiness and bags.

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